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Tapered Thread

The Ancon range of Tapered Thread couplers is designed to suit the majority of applications which call for the joining of reinforcing bars. Available to suit bar sizes 12mm to 40mm, the couplers are installed quickly and easily on-site without the need for specially trained personnel or specialise in expensive machinery.

The compact design of each coupler ensures suitability for use in confined situations where space is restricted or where the loss of cover must be minimised. The couplers are normally supplied fitted to the end of the threaded bar, requiring only the engagement and tightening of the adjoining bar on site. In order to ensure correct installation, Ancon couplers is available through major rebar suppliers. Please contact Ancon for further details.

Standard Coupler.

The Standard Tapered Thread coupler is suitable for connecting two bars of the same diameter, where one bar can be rotated. It comprises an internally threaded sleeve with two right hand threads which are tapered towards the middle of the coupler. The bar ends are square cut and a tapered thread is cut onto the bar. A normal allowance of +25mm should be allowed per threaded bar end for square cutting the bar end.

The couplers are generally torqued onto the reinforcing bar in the bar threading shop, the internal threads protected by plastic end caps. The threaded ends of the continuation bar are protected by plastic thread protectors.

Engagment of the bar within the coupler is simplified by the tapered thread design which aids alignment. When the bar is fully engaged within the coupler, the continuation bar is tightened using a torqu wrench.

The Ancon Standard Tapered Thread coupler is designed for use in concrete structures to meet the requiremnts of BS EN 1992 – 1 – 1: 2004 (Eurocode 2) and BS 8110 for mechanical splices. They are designed to achieve failure loads in excess of 115% of the characteristic strength of grade 500 rebar.

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